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 Scotoma’, 2008, Dvd projection, 5 min 12 sec loop, Oil on MDF, 1220 x 685 x 18mm     Exhibited:  a situation, a situation, and a story , Solo Exhibition, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, 2008,   Volta NY , Solo Presentation, 2008 , About Seeing… , Group Exhibition, Kenworthy-Ball, Zurich, 2008 , No Distance,  Solo Exhibition, Void, Derry, Northern Ireland, 2009  The work consists of a solid screen which sits standing perpendicular to the floor in the centre of a darkened room. A silent, 5 min 12 sec video loop is projected to the exact scale of the screen  A ‘scotoma’ is an area or island of loss or impairment of vision. It is usually surrounded by a field of normal, or relatively well-preserved vision. This ‘blind spot’ or area of degraded transparency takes the form in the video work of a frustrating shape in the centre of the image. Sitting in the centre of the camera lens the ‘blackness’ remains at the core of the image while the camera shifts and wanders, frequently lingering, looking, but only seeing things by their edges. The solid standing screen functions as a temporary container of an image which slips continually, off the edge.  I am interested both in the limitations of framing and the function of this cumbersome black shape as both a barrier and a gap. The work also investigates an ability to ‘fill-in when presented with a blank; where what is lost or ‘voided’ is replaced by what can be implied or imagined.
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